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My friend Phil Mucci is a ridiculous director. We have always wanted to work together… and…. it… finally…. happened. What you’re about to watch is an example of what can happen when some friends get together with a little bit of gas money and a whole lotta love.

First Phil scouted about a hundred locations. Every time he did a scout, he would edit me a mock video featuring all the new locations he found to the tune of this song. I would get emails from Phil at 5:36 am saying, “headed downtown to see what’s crack-a-lackin’. Shazam!” or “Two latest scouts for you, nice Boss Lady”. Being ironically called Nice Boss Lady is the BEST. You guys should totally try it.

He even made a CGI version of his brainchild (before we started filming) to give me an idea of what the video would look like.

We woke up at 4:55 AM approximately ten times over the course of a month to get the beautiful LIGHT that only happens at SUNRISE. We had to keep insanely close tabs on the weather because we were doing Natural Light every day. Phil would wake up some days we were planning to shoot and text me that it was cloudy – that i should go back to bed. And go back to bed, I would.

It was tough waking up that early but with emails from Phil like, “Don’t hate me Jackie Tohn. I feel pain. Hate the cruel and indifferent universe. It feels nothing.” (hahahahahaha), it became easier every time.

If you enjoy this video 1/1,000,000th as much as I enjoyed making it, then… then… HOORAY! Everyone wins.

The outtakes reel is forthcoming.

words and music by Jackie Tohn
directed, shot, and edited by Phil Mucci
wardrobe by Bory Tan
makeup by Uzzy
Harley stunts by Tommy “Tater” Wilson
BMW stunt by Ian Mackay
street art by Roa
bubble wranglers: Kyle Dunnigan, Ian Mackay
sterling gentleman: Ian Mackay

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